4 Reasons to Indulge on Fruit Tea
Tea is healthy. No doubt about it. It has a lot of variety-green, white, oolong and black. However, not everyone is a fan of all varieties.
What is the one tea that many people develop a special liking for? Here are some clues: it's sweet, delicious, and children can't get enough of it.
It's fruit tea.
The most distinctive characteristic of a fruit tea is its delicious taste. It is made of natural unprocessed fruits that make up for one refreshing and revitalizing drink. It's something that you wouldn't mind your children get a fill on.
Fruit teas are not really teas. They are an infusion of fruit flavors. In the tea industry, they are known as tisanes. However, many tea varieties contain an amount of fruits that are shredded and dried either in direct heat, natural drying or grill based processing. These are then mixed with regular tea to add and enhance flavor. Popular flavors are apple, strawberry, cherry, orange, peach, blackcurrant, raspberry and blueberry. There is also a mouth-watering combination of fruit teas with special herbs and spices.
If you think that's not reason enough, here are four reasons why you should indulge on fruit teas:
1. Caffeine-Free - If you are sensitive to caffeine and could not enjoy a cup of tea without feeling sick afterwards, here's the good news, it does not contain an amount caffeine so you can make the most of its refreshing and healthy benefits without fear of getting sick later on.
2. High on Vitamin C - Do you want to fight illnesses but doesn't like taking pills and vitamins in capsules? Then a cup of it is just right for you. It is known to be a good source for vitamin C that is necessary to boost your immune system and prevent numerous types of diseases. Vitamin C is normally absent in regular teas but with this tea, this vitamin is abundant.
3. Have Antioxidants - Different types of teas are known to be the best source of antioxidants. These help your body flush away unwanted toxins and provide overall cleansing.
4. Can Be Mixed with Your Favorite Desserts - You can add fruit tea when preparing your favorite dessert dish such as mixing it with your ice cream. You can also experiment your own recipes and get more ideas online. A tip to make a delicious dessert with fruit tea is using it to replace water. That will give a complimentary fruity taste to your food.
Fruit teas can be enjoyed in more ways than you know. Be creative with your ideas and drink fruit tea everyday--any way you like it. It's a healthy and fun drink so indulge on fruit tea today.
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