Chinese Yixing - Tea Lover's Dream Teapot
In China, being at the tea table is not to be passed off as a non-activity. It is a ceremonious activity that receives a lot of prominence. Preparing tea is something that is very close to the Chinese hearts. This special importance is not just about preparing tea. Tea drinking is another prime activity. As tea making and drinking are such elaborate activities, people of China pay great attention to even the teapots and cups. That is the reason the Chinese brand of teapots and cups are popular world over among tea drinking societies.

No talk about Chinese teapots is meaningful or complete unless one makes a mention of the Yixing Teapot, the true original Chinese teapot. Yixing teapots, pronounced E-ching, are in high demand due to their historical value, as tea lovers who know the Chinese tea activity love to have them among their tea set collections. They are simple pots with millennia old exquisite designs. These pots can be pretty whimsical, coming in all shapes like lotus flowers, Buddha's forms, vegetables, fruits and animals.

Yixing teapots of recent days are made in different shapes, most commonly those of chairs, wheelbarrows and many other atypical ones, which bring smiles of amusement on the faces of beholders.

One of the specialties of these teapots is that it is made of a particular type of red clay. This special clay can be found only in the Yunnan region of mainland China. This clay gives the Yixing teapots their characteristic being porous and ability to easily absorb odors. The pot will have a non-glaze matte finish. Since it absorbs odors, there is a suggestion that a pot is used for only one genre of tea. If you stick to this suggestion, after some time your Yixing teapot will acquire the true Chinese character and brand.