Dian Hong Golden Aromatic Snail

Yunnan is famous for producing some of the planet’s finest teas in its lush, verdant mountains. Golden Aromatic Snail is particularly unique because it requires a tremendous amount of meticulous work to transform its premium raw leaf into this complex black tea.

Its unique style is taken from the famous Bi Luo Chun green variety from Jiangsu Province. Despite being a aesthetic display of master craftsman, Golden Snail imparts an impressive flavor profile as well. Soft aromas of wheat and cocoa precede sweet notes of raisin and plum.

Golden Snail is made up of Yunnan tea leaves (same tea leaves that are used to produce Yunnan Gold and Yunnan Pure Gold) and carefully rolled into the shape of spiral, very similar to Fujian Bi Luo Chun (Green tea). It is also the only Black tea that we know of where the tea leaves are tightly rolled. An excellent drink for the cold weather as this tea helps to keep your body warm and to quench your thirst.