Green Tea Vs Black Tea - Which One Is Healthier?
The is a widespread belief that green tea is healthier than other teas which includes organic, black, oolong and other forms of Camellia Sinesis leaves.

Well, it all depends upon what exactly you expect from the your tea consumption. There are times when you prefer the black tea for more flavor and overall stimulation which is perhaps the main reason of its popularity.
Let's have a look at the health benefits of both green and black tea before we decide which one is healthier.
Black Tea - Research has proved that there is a correlation between the consumption of black tea and the risk of stroke. In fact foods that are high in flavonoids are found to be highly beneficial for reducing the production of LDL or the bad cholesterol which is mainly responsible for stroke and other heart diseases. It has been found that more than 60% of overall intake of flavonoids comes from black tea among those who are regular consumers of this beverage.
It also improves the overall functioning of blood vessels by reversing bad effects of cholesterol and other factors that lead to heart diseases. Regular consumption of this drink in its black form reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases by almost 50 percent. Moreover it is also believed to have anti cancerous properties therefore a few cups of this drink every day is highly beneficial for overall health.
Green Tea - In recent times this form of Camellia Sinesis leaves has become very popular because of its rich anti oxidant content which works wonders for weight loss. It contains lot of compound epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) which are known to be very powerful anti oxidants. Foods that are rich in anti oxidants are good for fat loss anyway. However when it is available in the form of a beverage that can be consumed anytime; it makes your weight loss efforts easier and effortless.
Another important point about green tea is that it contains less caffeine than its black counterpart. Though caffeine in limited quantity is good for health, its overconsumption is harmful no matter what form you take it in.
Now it is up to you to decide what health benefits you are looking for. If you are suffering from heart diseases black tea will be more beneficial for you than any other tea. If weight loss is your primary concern, Green tea should obviously be your first choice. However care should be taken that you buy only the original tea that can really help you get rid of fat easily.
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