Healthy Benefits of Green Tea - Cancer Prevention
It has already been scientifically proved that green tea helps protect drinkers against cancer. In countries where green tea is consumed regularly cancer rates are lower.

From the studies that have been tested on animals It has been proved that this reduces the formation of tumors for cancers of the skin, esophagus, bladder ovary cancer and prostate. The antioxidant feature of it helps to produce that result.

This is how it deals with each type of cancers.

Esophageal Cancer

Studies that have been researched on animals showed that green tea polyphenol help stop the growth of esophageal cancer cells. But studies done on humans made various resulting regarding benefits of it.

One research proved that regularly tea consumption is an effective way to stop esophageal cancer among women. On the other had one study proved the other way around that consuming tea often increases the potential of becoming a victim of esophageal cancer.

Skin Cancer

Main polyphenol of green tea which is known as epigallocatechin gallate posses anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer features. Studies that have been done skin showed that drinking tea helps prevent the onset and growth of skin tumors.

Pancreatic disease

Researchers have also been done on the pancreas. One study proved that both men & women who consumed it often had lesser potential of developing cancer in pancreas. But it is still not 100% guaranteed that consuming green tea decreases the chances of developing a cancer in pancreas.

Ovarian Cancer

Once in China, a research took place on patients with ovarian cancer and it showed results that women who consumed it regularly were able to live longer compared with women who didn't drink at all.

Prostate Cancer

Extracts of green tea have been shown in laboratory studies to prevent the development of prostate cancer cells in test tubes. Large researches showed that people who consumed tea often reduced their potential of developing prostate cancer.

Bladder Cancer

A few studies have been conducted on the human bladder.

Research was done to make sure if there is a connection between bladder cancer and the tea consumption. One study proved that women who took greeen tea decreased the potential of developing bladder cancer.