Matcha Mint Juleps
Work the matcha into a paste with a bit of water (if you add the water too fast, it clumps up impossibly – I learned this the hard way), muddle fresh mint with sugar to extract its essential oils, add a squeeze of lemon, a bunch of bourbon, and the matcha mixture.

Strained over ice, it makes a velvety green drink that I can’t seem to get enough of these afternoons. The sugar rounds out the bitter notes of the matcha, which has a fresh, grassy flavor and manages to taste like a meal; nourishing and substantial. For my non-traditional julep, I used Cyrus Noble Bourbon, which is aged in San Francisco.

The creamy matcha blends nicely with this buttery-soft whiskey, the mint and lemon adding a bit of zip to the not-too-sweet drink. Though not traditional, these cocktails still refresh on a warm spring day…. or night. And they taste a heck of a lot better vodka.