Osmanthus Scented Black Tea

Osmanthus Scented Black Tea is produced by combining dry Sweet Osmanthus (Osmanthus fragrans) flowers with black tea leaves in a gentle manner. Traditional Chinese medicine claims that drinking osmanthus tea helps improve complexion and rid the body of excess nitric oxide.

Osmanthus scented tea can be made with many different Chinese teas as the base, including black, green, pouchong, oolong, and even sometimes white or Pu-erh. Green tea or greener oolongs are common bases as they blend well with the osmanthus blossoms’ fragrance. It’s really a time consuming work to blend Osmanthus secnted tea. The best osmanthus teas are produced by layering process, in which the flowers are placed in a tight area together with the leaves, which are allowed to absorb their fragrance. This process is then repeated several times.

Although the production process is similar to that used to produce Jasmine tea, and both could be described as floral, the aroma of osmanthus, and thus osmanthus tea, is very different from jasmine. One of the benefits of this distinct aroma is that people who strongly like or dislike one tea may have a very different reaction to the other.