The Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea
Teas have been around for centuries and each part of the world has their favorite tea with its associated health benefits. Some teas produce calm, others improve cholesterol and still more help with weight loss or diabetes control. Drinking tea has many health benefits and trying new teas can expand the effects on your health.
Do you have stomach pains, indigestion or heartburn? Does your child have colic? Rooibos tea has been shown to calm intestinal spasm and digestive upsets. Research has shown Rooibos teas to relieve heartburn, nausea, indigestion, stomach ulcers and in babies, the relief of colic.
Are you looking for something simple to relieve digestive symptoms? Rooibos teas are soothing to the palate and the digestive tract. Try a cup of sweet African Red tea and find the stomach pains or indigestion disappear!
African Red tea is also known as Rooibos. It's a South African plant called Aspalathus linearis that grows on high mountain ranges and can be referred to as Red-Bush. 
This extraordinary tea has many health benefits.  Rooibos tea has demonstrated significant antioxidant activity and according to the USDA, the antioxidant activity of Rooibos tea is more potent than eating 22 fruits and vegetables.
Many research studies on Rooibos African Red tea and have been done in a variety of countries, including Europe, Japan, South Africa and the United States. The research conclusions have been shocking. Rooibos tea can prevent cancer, reduce heart disease, fight the negative effects of aging, and enhance the removal of dietary fats, in addition to giving relief to digestive symptoms.  In 2001, similar research has shown that Rooibos African Red tea has 50% more antioxidants than green tea and the most recent research, Rooibos has been shown to have healing properties when it comes to nervous tension, allergies, dermatitis, and various digestive problems.
African Red Rooibos tea is a delightfully sweet red tea. You can sip it plain or add a little lemon or honey.  Drink this tea for its taste and discover a whole new world of flavor. Rooibos tea has no calories for those watching their weight and it has no caffeine so you won't be up at night. Try it hot or cold tonight!